The inverted-pendulum motorcycle

The Tesla motors new car Tesla model 3 has an incredible low Cd-value according to Elon Musk, 0.21, see drag. For a Battery Electric Vehicle the product of drag coefficient and area (CdA -value) is a very important parameter.

Another possibility to make the CdA value small is to decrease the total front area as Lit Motors C-1 vehicle.

The motorcycle like car has two wheels as a motorcycle and is unstable at low speeds. The vehicle self-balances with two counter rotating gyros by moving the gyros. However, the idea is not new for cars, see this video.

The vehicle, which will be defined as a motor cycle, will cost about $24000 and is allowed to split lanes and use the ”car pool lane” in San Francisco…

It has 10 kWh in battery size and the gyros hold another 1 kWh in kinetic energy and will act as Kinetic Energy Recovery System. The gyros does not need to operate at high vehicle velocities, where it is stable.
There seems to be an application for the inverted pendulum….



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