Useless Robotics

This may be old news to some, but an inventor has gotten quite alot of attention lately. No, I’m not talking about Elon Musk or the team behind the latest iPhone. The inventor in question is Simone Giertz, who has what may be the funniest job at the moment. In a previous newsletter, there was a video on failed robotics which was much appreciated. Simone Giertz’ robots mostly seem to work as intended – they are just useless.She decided that the focus shouldn’t be on usability, but to have fun! I for one think she’s on to something and that her approach is far more likely to inspire people to actually start programming and constructing robots than more serious/advanced projects. 

Chopping Robot. Photo from

You can find her on YouTube but I recommend checking out her blog as well, where she sometimes posts more lengthy descriptions of her inventions. In particular, have a look at the chopping robot!





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